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A Mission of Love — Healing Help for Hepatitis C Patients

By Dave LeMieux The Mercy Health Hepatitis C Clinic team left to right:Dr. Bruce Olson; Dr. Elaine Leigh, nurse practitioner;Dr.... Read more »

Loomis’ Heart for Running Creates a Legacy of Healthy Living

President Greg Loomis You can’t exactly say his heart’s not into running. President Greg Loomis has been running for 40... Read more »

The Secret Life of Hepatitis C

Patients like "Fred" receive medications at the Mercy Health clinic that can cure Hepatitis C. Editor's Note: This Hepatitis C... Read more »

Production Preparation Process

The Lakeshore Campus 3P team made several recommendations for changes in the layout. By Dorsey Sherman, Process Excellence Consultant Production... Read more »

Jan Johnson: Friend of Nursing

Left to right: Kim McElhaney, Dawn Klem, Kim Maguire, Jan Johnson, Jim Johnson, Wendy Hamilton and Judy Binns Palliative Care... Read more »

No More Broken Hearts for These High School Students

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { if(eval("typeof gg_galleria_init == 'function'")) { gg_galleria_show("#5c4665dec6d93");gg_galleria_init("#5c4665dec6d93");}}); By Dave LeMieux Most of the teens at the Mercy Health Muskegon... Read more »

Nurses’ Week Poems by Spring Lake High School Students

Editor’s Note: This post is reprinted with permission and first appeared on Dr. Brian Stork’s blog Once again, I would… Read more »